How America Was Almost Destroyed By Criminals – And An Appeal

I’ve had a thought going through my mind all day today. As we watch what’s happened throughout all of the Trump story, all that led up to it, and all that goes along with it, it becomes apparent – at least to me – that this is a God thing and that anyone who opposes what he’s doing is going to suffer for it.

Anyone, including Trump’s supporters – would have told you that the hope of Trump being elected was totally ludicrous. The other side said it, and our side knew it too. When we woke up on the morning of the election results, we – as a body – were absolutely stunned. They were shocked. And so were we.

Moreso, we had no idea the shenanigans of the left, the crimes, the payoffs, the lies and slander the thefts and the sleuth, the workings of the swamp – we weren’t even fully aware there WAS a swamp – all loudly proclaimed that Trump could not be elected. 

The things that Donald Trump has been able to bring to pass in his one short year and a half in the White House have left everyone with their jaw dropped. What all the presidents before him were unable to do – in spite of their crimes, their payoffs, their fraud, their lies, their sleuth – Trump just rolled in and got it done.

Friends, no one, no matter how brilliant, could have pulled off something like all of this; not with the known enemies, and not with the ones we don’t know about – of which I’m sure there are many.

And now this: it’s possible to turn the tables at the Supreme Court and bring justice and righteousness back to the land as the American people deeply desire – those who elected Trump, that is – friends this is mind-boggling. And I think you’ll all agree. It’s mind boggling.

As I’ve pondered this for months, it has become clear to me that it is God himself who has decided to give America one last chance to repent. The Lord has remembered the righteous foundations of this country – yes, I know there was an occultic/Masonic foundation being put into place alongside it – and God has remembered how the American believers have supported his program of the restoration of Israel – and God has granted us a period of opportunity – a period of grace – but it’s not going to last forever.

You can imagine that the enemy is enraged, is furious, is dead-set on upending this grace period, and that means that when God lifts his hand – all hell is going to break loose. And I mean that literally.

I appeal to anyone who isn’t right with God, to anyone who has felt the tugging of God on their hearts, to please take advantage of this time of peace and get yourself right with him,while there IS still time. If ever you’ve considered this, please consider it in all seriousness now. While there IS still time.

I’m including the following video which is what got me started thinking on this today. Find out more just the kind of enemy who sought to bring America down.

 from Joe Masepoes




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